Hallamshire Family Tree


By Residents, Staff and family, Hallamshire Care Home. Photo by Tracy King.

Tracy King, the Activity Coordinator at the Hallamshire Care Home, Sheffield, says of their forthcoming contribution to SYDCAE2017:

“I got the basic idea of making a family tree for the exhibition from a recent NAPA magazine. I added my own thoughts to the project and felt the bare tree could be adorned with bright coloured labels with the names of each of the residents and staff. The labels could open up like a book and those who wanted could have a limerick of their life in the centre.

We had some very interesting and fun sessions in the lounge bouncing around ideas for limericks between the residents and staff. I was amazed at the positive response from most of the residents when I read their limerick out to them. The staff fully entered into the spirit of the whole venture and were very supportive. One of the nicest parts of the creative experience was to remember residents who have passed away in recent months and to write them a limerick which marks out their life. I had help and support from relatives with this.”


Detail from Hallamshire Family Tree

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Humans of Dementia

By Maria Nightingale for SYDCAE2016


My name is Maria Nightingale, I am a registered nurse working in Sheffield and throughout my short career have found a passion that drives me to help eliminate the stigma of dementia. For this year’s South Yorkshire Dementia Creative Arts Exhibition I want to meet and get to know people with a diagnosis of dementia by discussing significant places and times in their lives.

If you would like to help me with my project then I would be delighted to meet with you and from our time together I will aim to capture a true reflection of you. I will do this by using quotes from our conversations that will sit under a single photograph of you, either alone or with somebody if you wish. This will then be framed and hung in this year’s exhibition.

My inspiration for this is from the hugely successful ‘Humans of New York’ which is readily available online if you wish to (and I encourage you to) discover this yourself.

My aim throughout this project is to give voice and empower the people behind the diagnosis of dementia.

My mission is to discover and share the Humans of Dementia.

If you would like to take part please contact me by email: missmarianightingale@gmail.com


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