Dementia Arts in South Yorkshire

Dementia Arts in South Yorkshire


About DAiSY

Dementia Arts in South Yorkshire is a new community group set up by David Reid, Natasha Wilson and Albert Attom in late 2015. The DAiSY group is registered with the South Yorkshire Community Foundation.

Between them, David, Natasha and Albert have organised the annual South Yorkshire Dementia Creative Arts exhibition for the past 7 years ( We decided to form a new community group, with a committee, a Constitution and subscription membership. We wanted to create a more effective way of coordinating and funding the annual arts exhibition going forwards, supporting other dementia-related community initiatives, and ensuring that all of this is connected closely with people living in South Yorkshire.

Whilst not a registered charity, the DAiSY group is run along similar lines. The group’s activities are bound by its written Constitution. All members stand for the Committee and have an equal vote at the Annual General Meeting. In the Constitution, it states that the main aim of DAiSY is:

“To advance dementia awareness (education) for public benefit in particular but not exclusively through the provision of an annual creative arts exhibition for anyone living with or affected by dementia in South Yorkshire”

In relation to DAiSY’s finances, the Constitution states:

“All monies received by or on behalf of the Group shall be applied to further the aim of the Group and for no other purpose”

Become a member of DAiSY

This is an exciting development and we would like you to become involved. We are now looking for people to join the group as members. The membership fee is £5.00 for 12 months. Your membership fee is guaranteed to contribute towards supporting the annual exhibition. This year, the exhibition is taking place across four sites in Barnsley in May 7-13.

By becoming a member you will not only be supporting this established event but you will also have the opportunity to get involved in deciding what we do in 2017 and beyond. You may also want to undertake some fundraising for the group – if not, don’t worry, we are seeking funds from a range of sources. You may want to come to our annual social event or suggest other initiatives that DAiSY

We need your support but we also need your ideas.



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